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Cost Benefit of Proactive Maintenance verse Equipment Downtime.

Visual inspections of hydraulic hoses can be some of the most cost-effective ways to improve productivity. One little hose failure can shut down your entire production and cost your company thousands of dollars.

All maintenance employees should know the cost per hour for major equipment downtime. This will help them prioritize and make decisions accordingly. Downtime is money and adds up fast.

These factors include the loss of revenue, cost of idle time of unproductive personnel and overtime to get production caught back up. Not to mention the people stress and the expedited services to get back online.

These are all hard cost expenditures but don’t forget about the soft costs that could hurt the company’s reputation for missing delivery deadlines and loss of future business.

That is why it is critical to partner with the right company that can help you

with your planned downtime and the unplanned. Hose Team has an ETA of 1 hour and can make custom hoses at your location with our mobile hose shop 24/7.

We can set you up with a crimper program, but more importantly we back it up with 24/7 with 1-hour ETA with our mobile hose shop. Call Hose Team now 937-684-4388.

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